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How can you tell it is an original Designer Classic?



Marks are commonly used on designer Furniture. Although on vintage furniture, these marks may sometimes be missing.Common marks are, a label, a sticker or a stamp, in or on the furniture.

Real or fake?

Real or fake?

Classic designs often have a regular producer who has a license to produce the classic designs. Sometimes the furniture is copied by other producers and sold for much lower prices.You can spot the counterfeit furniture often by the  difference in detail, with small design differences.  Also the materials used, the finish and durability are ways to spot fake design furniture. In essence the counterfeit chairs have nothing to do with the original design, and are actually a totally different product.



Original Design classics are often recognized by the quality and finishes of the parts used.Everything is usually perfectly finished, no crooked seams, or visible imperfections. The used materials are always good and high quality.

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